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 Harbormaster Boathook

The HarborMaster Boathook

The boathook is a common piece of gear with two uses: hooking things and fending off of things. While the traditional design is excellent for hooking, it is not good at all for fending because of its single pointy end.
The Crawford HarborMaster solves this problem with its unique shape. The wide "U" will not slip on the complex surfaces which are common in the marine environment, allowing you to fend off docks, piers, stanchions, pilings, rails or anything else with confidence.
Now, we know that most boat hooks do not cost this much, but this is not a regular boat hook. Apart from being much more useful than the standard hook, it is hand-made and incredibly durable. Just rinse it off from time to time and you will not need to buy another one. Unless you lose it.
*The aluminum tip is cast in Wisconsin.
*The rubber coated business end prevents scuffing the thing running into you.
*It's a double hook - you're twice as likely to get your hat back!
*The solid ash handle is made in California.
*The handle is shaped for comfortable and secure pushing or pulling.
*The handle is attached to the tip with oak, fiberglass and a lot of epoxy - it is very, very durable.
*It floats vertically for easy recovery.
*It weighs 5 pounds.
*It is guaranteed not to break if used for its intended purposes: pushing and pulling.

The standard length for the HarborMaster is 7' 10."  We will be happy to custom make a handle of any length you like, though higher shipping will apply to hooks longer than 8 feet.
We can generally ship these within 2 days of your order.

Made in the USA.

We are no longer producing the Harbormaster Boat Hook.

It floats!
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